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What We Do

  • Consult, write, facilitate, teach, and make public presentations, primarily in the arts and education fields specified below.

  • Work primarily with institutions, organizations, and individuals engaged or interested in higher education, P-12 education, philanthropy, policy analysis, and accreditation.

  • Respect confidentiality.


Arts and Arts Disciplines

  • Professional education

  • General education

  • Higher education

Multidisciplinary Relationships

  • Art discipline combinations

  • Arts and other disciplines

  • Convergent disciplines and media


  • Education in the arts, all levels

  • Evaluation and assessment

  • Accreditation

  • Legislation and regulations

  • Overviews and orientations

Organization and Management

  • New institutions and programs

  • Structure and synergies

  • Curriculum and program development

  • Evaluation

  • Futures Analysis

  • Planning

  • Compliance

  • Personnel

  • Advocacy

What We Do Not Do

  • Provide professional legal, financial, engineering, or medical advice.

  • Suggest, create, or operate specific client data systems.

  • Operate a search firm. Our advice on personnel is consultative only.

  • Serve as a public relations firm.

  • Lobby. We may provide analyses of situations and policies that are used in lobbying situations, but we are not registered lobbyists.

  • Provide advice or otherwise assist in the preparation of documents such as self-studies, responses, and progress reports for the accrediting commissions of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, National Association of Schools of Dance, National Association of Schools of Music, National Association of Schools of Theatre, or the Accrediting Commission for Community and Precollegiate Arts Schools.